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Name:Cassidy Mae Cohen
Birthdate:Jun 24
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Cassidy Mae Cohen was born Cassidy Mark John Cohen, and the name was chosen because it meant "one with curly hair". Cassidy was one of three boys born to Jewish parents, Lisabet and Abbot Cohen, and followed twin brothers seven years older, Jarett and Jesiah. However, it was evident to Cassidy's family that he wasn't a normal little boy from a very young age. In fact, from about the age of four, Cassidy believed himself to be a girl. He wanted to dress like a girl, play with the girls, and basked in all things "girly". Even if it was a hurdle and a challenge, Cassidy's parents ultimately did what was best for their child - let her be the girl she clearly was.

Of course, considering the mindset of a lot of the world and judgement of transgender people, especially of parents "letting" their children "be trans". It wasn't easy, but they knew in their hearts that Cassidy was born in the wrong body and they let her be who she was. The family lived in Brooklyn, New York, when Cassidy was born and still live there to this day. When Cassidy was eight years old, her parents decided to take her to Rowe Young Peoples Camp in Massachusetts, a place where transgender children can go to be themselves and experience interaction with other kids facing the same challenges. Cassidy loved it, and she has gone every year since. For a few years now, it was one of the only things in her life she looked forward to. That, and following the rising career of her idol, Broadway teen breakout star, Justin Campbell. Cassidy's family took her along to see Footloose the night it opened, and she adored it. It wasn't long after that when Justin went public with an article in FABULOUS magazine with his battle with mental illness and bullying over his sexuality.

Before this, Cassidy had began to go through puberty but had started female hormone injections to halt her body evolving as an adult male. With the changes she was going through and the increase in hormones, Cassidy began to suffer depression about still having male body parts and not only began self-harming, but also attempt suicide for the first time when she stole her grandmother's pain medication and overdosed. Justin proved to be a solace, because with him going public about his own battle, he gave kids his age and mental struggles someone to identify with, and Cassidy was one of those fans.

As their little girl, Cassidy's parents did everything they could to try to make her like a little more easy. Her older brothers were both on board all the way. To them, Cassidy had never been a brother, she had always been a sister. Cassidy became a frequent patient of Four Winds adolescent mental health treatment hospital in Westchester. She had one more suicide attempt and the self-harming was up and down for a little while. By the time she hit her sixteenth birthday, it was under control. Her parents consented to breast implants to help her feel more like the young woman she was, and it helped with her body image and mental health.

However, as her seventeenth drew near, Cassidy's dad was fired from his job on a technicality, when in reality it was prejudice over his daughter being transgender. Cassidy took it badly and fell back into some serious self-harming, landing her once again in Four Winds for treatment. This time, though, much to her shock, a fellow group therapy patient was her idol, Justin. For a couple of days, Cassidy battled with herself about whether she should talk to him or not, but talked herself out of it, telling herself he wouldn't want to be disturbed. He was a celebrity and he was famous, he wouldn't want to be dealing with fans in there. But after some soul-searching, she changed her mind and decided to at least say hello in case he needed a friend in there. She wanted him to know that, this time around, he saved her life. She had only started to cut, and hadn't attempted suicide because she remembered Justin had survived, so she could too.

Meeting Justin, she realised her choice had been right and even though she has no idea where her life is supposed to go now, she knows it was kismet that she crossed Justin's path in Four Winds. She just has to remind her that he doesn't need more crazy fan experiences when he's sick. She doesn't want to be a crazy fan, she just wants to be his friend.

Cassidy is a friendly girl, and not really shy in her interactions with people. Despite being transgender, she has two big brothers, so she has some boyish qualities to her. She loves Star Wars, playing sports, and getting dirty, but she also loves shopping, nice clothes, and chick flicks. Cassidy loves feathers, and peacocks are her favourite animal. She loves making Dreamcatchers and doing crafts with feathers. Her dream is to have a Roaring 20/Gatsby-themed wedding if she ever gets the chance to fall in love and go the distance. Love is a tough cookie for her, because she's terrified of dating and having to tell a guy she still has male anatomy. Even when she reaches 18 and wants the bottom surgery, she stills knows it will always be a challenge. It doesn't stop her looking at other young couples and wanting the love and romance of dating. She tries not to think about it too much, and that seems to be one part she can't just turn a blind eye to.

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